Fund your retirement with income producing real estate investments

I read in the AARP magazine that was supposed to be about retirement. There was not ONE mention of funding retirement with real estate! We are so programmed to believe that retirement vehicles are ONLY things like annuities, and life insurance policies, and mutual funds, and CDs, and reverse mortgages (and usually by the persons who are selling these instruments) that we never even THINK of funding our retirement with income producing properties! 


Is this system working? Well, consider this…97% of 65 year old Americans cannot write a discretionary check for $600!. And for over 7 million recent retirees in America, retirement lasted only 2 years! No, this system does NOT work and YES there is a better way.. And it doesn't require a lot of work, and is risk mitigated, and is suitable for people with average jobs (or businesses) and average credit.  And it is a proven system, with mentors to help you, and it is in Real Estate! 


Our personal program will take 10 years to complete.  And at the end of that time, we will have residual income of $7,000 to $10,000 per month to retire on.  Will your retirement account provide that?


Consider this:  We bought a property for $105 K, put another $8K into it in cosmetics and repairs. and it now rents for $1,170 per month....what stocks, bonds, or annutities are paying almost 10%?????  And imagine if you leveraged that purchase, what the Cash on Cash return would be.


We believe that  Real Estate as a retirement vehicle is especially well suited to entrepreneurs, like ourselves, who may not have a pension or other retirement plan set up.  And as you can see from the previous example, the returns are superb!  Even if you aren't good at landlording and hire a professional management company, the return will be better than those "paper" investments.


If you buy right (and we can help you do that), your investment has an excellent chance of appreciating (even while you are depreciating it, for tax purposes) and even if it doesn't, you will still enjoy a good return from the rental income.


So give some thought to this...Real Estate as a vehicle for retirement income.


It just might be exactly what you need.


Last thought, the stock market today isn't looking so cool. Maybe make a brick and mortar investment (buy a single family home for an investment)? It's guarnteed income (monthly income, like clockwork) not a passive income like the stock market. Talk to Bob (505-228-5409) or Carolyn (505-331-9049) about the possibilities.

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